About Us

The Houston Sports Club (HSC) has been in existence for over 25 years and is the embodiment of unity within the Community. Our club epitomizes solidarity, promotes family, culture, personal growth, and community development. The HSC has always taken a leadership role in executing activities within Community. Whether it is launching a memorial fund drive for a loved one, organizing a baby shower for a community member, celebrating excellence in education for graduates, or coordinating a financial drive for a wedding, we are always ready to serve when called to duty. These events serve as a medium to build camaraderie, unity, leadership skills, and personal growth amongst members. We believe that integrity, ethics and the development of character is very important.

The HSC is always looking for more parents to get involved. We are always in need of new ideas and fresh perspectives on how we can improve on our activities. We encourage more parents to become members and get involved in building this great organization. We have General Assembly meetings at least once every quarter to update members on ongoing club activities. Information is also disseminated through our yahoo group email (CamHoustonSoccerClub@yahoogroups.com or HSC1980@yahoogroups.com ). If interested in more information, call our club president at 713.249.3735, or send an email to info@HSC1980.com. We look forward to having you as member.